What can Reflexology do for you?

There are many benefits, mainly but not restricted to:

Improved circulation

Reduced stress

Detoxifies the body

Balanced nervous system

Improved sleep

Balanced body systems

The body's natural healing is enhanced

Taking into account these main benefits it's clear that reflexology can benefit the young to the elderly.  It's possible to live a positive and healthy life with the right support.


"The first wealth is health" Ralph Waldo Emerson

Reflexology may help but is not limited to:

Hormonal imbalances/PMS/menopausal symptoms.  I personally had weekly reflexology sessions after my 2nd child was born and credit this with helping navigate the emotional turbulence of the postnatal period.  This is why I'm passionate about working with mothers, I can relate to the overwhelm.

Clients often report having more clarity and focus after a session: a way to tap into your own inner wisdom which can help with stress and anxiety.

Many report an improvement in their sleep. 

Having lived in "windy" Wellington and experienced hayfever, again I had regular reflexology and literally could feel my sinuses and hayfever being relieved.